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ABS 4-6 Melt  4.5 Izod  Black Pellets 1,000 +
ABS 5 Melt 5 - 6 Izod  Black Pellets 40,000
ABS Regrind mix color for black  MF 5-6, Izod 4.0 M/C for Black RG 20K-40,000
Acetal Celcon M90  Neutral Boxes  Black Virgin 20,000
Acetal Delrin 900 P  Neutral Boxes Natural Virgin 15,000
Acetal Delrin 100P Original Bags,Boxes & Plain Boxs Black Virgin Call
HIPS DOW 484 Nat RG Den.1.04  MF 2.8  Izod 2.10 Natural RG 40,000
Minlon Minlon 22C Black  Plain Packaging Black Virgin 40,000
Nylon  Nylon 66 33% GF Izod 1.7 ft.lbs./in, Tensile 21,000 p.s.i. Black Pellet 40,000
Nylon  Nylon 6 30-40%GF Black Pellet 1,000 +
Nylon  66N33-HSL (70G33HS1L equivalent)  Black Pellet 10,000 +
Nylon  Zytel ST 801  Repro  (3 week lead on any orders) Black Pellet 3,300
Nylon  PA 6 40% GF Black Repro 3,100
Nylon  Zytel 101L Original Packaging & Certs Nat or Black Virgin Out of Stock
Nylon  Zytel ST801 Original Packaging & Certs Nat or Black Virgin CALL
Nylon  Zytel ST801 Plain Pkg.    15.4 Izod Black Repro 20,000
PC Lexan PK 2870  Natural RG 13,000
PC Lexan 121R-111 Natural Virgin 2,110
PC/ABS Bayblend T88 20 GF PC/ABS Virgin Black  Black Virgin 23,000
PC/ABS Bayblend T88 10 GF  Black Virgin 40,000
PC/ABS PC/ABS GF Mixed M/C Virgin 17,000
PC/ABS Bayblend PC/ABS ET 3300 FR  White Virgin 30,000
PC/ABS Bayblend T-90 MF 20  mineral filled black virgin pellet. Black Virgin 18,000
PSU Udel P1700 natural regrind Natural RG 15,000
TPE Hytrel Grades 3078, 4056, 4556, 5556, 7246  Nat & Blk Virgin CALL
TPE Ecdel TPE Virgin Natural  Natural Virgin 11,460
TPO TPO Spec 2  Izod 9.11  MF 20.97   Black Pellet 40,000
TPU Texin 260 TPU Green/White RG 28,000
NEW PRODUCT LINES!!!!  Includes Certs and Lot# 
ABS Inj, Ext and Blow Molding Grades  POLYCARBONATE Inj & Ext Grades UL Flame Rating V0-5V
TPV (Rubber), TPV (Vulcanizate), TPO Shore A to Shore D
ALLOYS- PC/ABS, PC/PBT, PC/ASA, PC/PET, PPO   NYLON 6 and 66 Reinforced, Filled
Custom Colors including Metallic, Reinforced Grades   ISO Lab for UL & Color qualifications
There are other materials that I don't have space for.   
Please Call if there is a grade you are looking for!!
We can reprocess your Nylon, ABS, PVC, PP, HDPE, PC.
We Sell USA Made Resins
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